Saturday, 25 February 2012

Published work - Portuguese magazines

Published work in Portuguese magazines focuses mainly national military projects such as the
Portuguese-built Chaimite armoured vehicle or the Berliet-Tramagal family of military trucks, both deployed in combat operations in Africa, and units from the Portuguese Navy.

MOTOR CLÁSSICO ::  monthly :: classic cars 

Portuguese-built models:
Berliet-Tramagal GBC and GBA military trucks (MC 60)
UMM light tactical vehicles (MC 53)
Bravia Gazela, Leopardo and Pantera military trucks (MC 27 and 28)
Bravia Chaimite armoured vehicles (MC 22 and 23)

Foreigh models:
Daimler Ferret Mk II light armoured vehicle (MC 73)
M113 family of tracked armoured vehicles (MC 70)
Shorland Mk III patrol armoured car (MC 67)
M48 A5 Patton main battle tank (MC 65)
Panhard EBR and ETT wheeled armoured vehicles (MC 62)
M47 Patton main battle tank (MC 55)

SIRIUS :: bimonthly :: aviation and space

Plane spotting in Switzerland (November 2012)
Saab Gripen JAS-39 E/F selected by the Swiss Air Force (March 2012)
Sion Air Show 2011 (November 2011)

REVISTA DE MARINHA :: bimonthly :: naval subjects

D. Francisco de Almeida frigate, Dutch Karel Doorman class (February 2011)
Navy Day 2010 in Portimão (May 2010)
New Tridente submarine, U-209PN model (November 2010)
Cassiopeia patrol boat, Surveilling the seas at fast speed (February 2010)

VEGA :: bimonthly :: naval subjects

The Navy Helicopter Squadron (EHM), Sailing across the skies (August 2008)

TOPOS & CLÁSSICOS :: monthly :: classic vehicles

Bravia Comando Mk III, Portuguese-built armoured patrol car (January 2009)

SEGURANÇA E DEFESA :: quarterly :: national security and defense

Portuguese Army (November 2007)